Medium: Video
Duration: 09:50
Year: 2019

The work I want you to draw me like one of your French girls was part of the autumn show in Hafnarborg Museum in 2019, Everything at the same time. The work is a video piece that is projected on three walls and has one soundtrack. The video shows women lined up in a black room where they sit and lie, forming an array of naked bodies. The sound track in the video, sung by the lips located in the women's crotches are national songs normally sung by male choirs but in the video it is sung by a female choir. The work speaks to the society's current discussion but it has a strong implication in the revolutions Me Too and Free the Nipple where women's consensus across backgrounds and looks was the key. In the end all women are equal and together they have the strongest voice. The work is humorous and shows the impact of social media on the vision of the common man. The name of the work refers to the classic movie Titanic, which most people should know, and that scene when Rose says to Jack with full confidence: "I want you to draw me like one of your French girls''.

Sigrún Gyða 2021